Rio Grande Thermoelectric Power Plant

UTE Rio Grande Geração de Energia Elétrica S.A.

A Natural Gas Thermoelectric Power Plant to be constructed in the City of Rio Grande, State of Rio Grande do Sul, south of Brazil, with 1,280MW of installed capacity. The fuel, Natural Gas, will be imported in LNG form, directly by the generation company and will be regasified in TERGAS, a regasification terminal to be built near the power plant. TERGAS will receive the imported LNG from ships using its own pier, thus planned to be erected on the Rio Grande Port docks.

OMEGA is a shareholder and one of the project entrepreneurs, responsible for the development of the Rio Grande Thermoelectric Power Plant project, thus aiming to participate of power auctions, as well as being responsible for the owners' engineering project. The project's main characteristic is the high efficiency performance for power generation, hence reaching 56.6% due to the use of a combined cycle process. The economic feasibility and efficiency of the project is higher than the normal thermoelectric power plants, based on Natural Gas, due to a thermal energy exchange between the power plant and the regasification plant, these located side-by-side. This thermal energy exchange occurs by means of high steam temperature supplied by the thermal power plant to the regasification plant during the collecting process of Natural Gas back, which has to be heated from -160ºC (-256ºF) to room temperature.

Relevant Specifications:

Base date: April/2009

  • Installed Capacity: 1,280MW
  • Fuel: Natural Gas from LNG 
  • Type of cycle: combined, Brayton and Rankine
  • Efficiency: 56.6%
  • Heat Rate: 6,434 kJ/kWh
  • Natural Gas consumed: 8,236.4 MMBTU/h